WINTER WoMP Preview (featuring interviews with Prophet Massive and J.WAIL)


Soon, Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver will be straight hot-boxed, puffing out bass vapors from the minds of Prophet Massive (Jason Hann of SCI/EOTO), J.WAIL, OMEGA & more on Friday February 3rd. Peep exclusive interview snippets with Prophet Massive and J.WAIL below and get amped for WINTER WoMP Denver, where it all began!

   As a dynamic drummer with the String Cheese Incident and EOTO, Jason Hann is well-known for his huge musical talent and creativity with live production. Realizing his latest vision, Prophet Massive, Jason is aiming straight for the souls of the bass crowd. His solo project has proven to be his saving grace, as he says, “It gets harder to do just one thing. It’s really nice to do something different where I can dive in.” “Prophet Massive is a little more on the adventure side of things,” Jason continued. When he began, he was exclusively doing dub step and used the most recent tracks that he could find on his own by scouring the Internet for new artists. Jason added, “Now I’m trying to do more originals to vary things up but still focusing on dub, drum step, electro and glitch hop. I’m mainly playing tracks that have been released in the last two months. It gets me to stay up with new music.”

   As far as Colorado love goes, it’s his second home right now. “I’m there 90 days out of the year for either SCI practice, EOTO shows or my DJ sets. It is such a unique state in general, full of live music of all genres. It’s an amazing testing ground to see what works. When you’re doing a show, it feels like the home crowd, and you get that home feeling. It’s rare to find a city or state that immersed all the way around, like Durango, Fort Collins, Boulder, Denver, little ski towns, so uniquely all about the music, you can do so many things there!”

   Electronic, funk, avant-garde, glitch, psychedelic… Oh My! Trying to name the genre that best describes J.WAIL’s musical creations may be an impossible task, which is why his live show is a must-see! Currently performing with drummer, aNdu, J.WAIL  produces original tracks with live vocals and instruments while embodying the pure, raw emotion that exists only when truly creating. J.WAIL has been busy in all aspects of the music biz, from growing leaps and bounds as an artist to starting his own production company, Bridging The Music. “You go back a year and I wasn’t doing any producing; it was all live. In that year, I’ve already recorded a new album which is going to release in the next month,” J.WAIL noted excitedly. Sample-wise, he prefers the unique quality of his own sound. “I’m more the original kind of guy. I know that what I’m putting out there is something you’ve never heard before. Creating is a really special thing because you don’t know what you are doing. You just do it.”

   Speaking of awesome creations, WINTER WoMP, brainchild of  Bridging The Music, is very awesome indeed. So what else can we expect besides a ragin’ good time? “Huge snowflakes, extra light production, live visual art and WINTER WoMP dancers to incorporate a live feel throughout each venue and show to make them spectacular!”  Last year’s WINTER WoMP that took place in Denver was one of the best shows they had all year round, which is why they are working to make sure we have WINTER WoMPs for a long time to come! If you must miss out on the fun tonight, make sure to check out the remaining WINTER WoMP dates listed below and RSVP to the event pages!

                    :: Upcoming WINTER WoMP Dates ::

Friday 1/27/12: Shugs, Boulder, CO
J.WAIL, SunSquabi, Dynohunter and Remnant

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Saturday 1/28/12: Mesa Theater, Grand Junction, CO

J.WAIL, EVENflO & Mr. McGRNWohnkey, Daytona Velasquez, Chris Epic, FUNK10, & more TBA!

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Friday 2/3/12: Cervantes’ Ballroom, Denver, CO

Prophet Massive [Jason Hann of SCI/EOTO], J.WAIL, Omega, Funkhouser & more TBA!

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Saturday 2/11/12: The Emerson Theater, Bozeman, MT

J.WAIL, & more TBA!