Track Recap – Bassnectar “Paging Stereophonic”

Bassnectar: Paging Stereophonic:

Although I felt like I should be sitting in my basement during the 90′s watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on a worn out plaid couch while this song is starting up, Bassnectar doesn’t wait too long to kick in the modern beats. When what can be considered the body of the song does kick in, a whole different feeling overcomes you. Now is probably the time to tell you that I am personally a bit over fond of Bassnectar and have high expectations of his music and what he is capable of. When this song really gets going, I felt myself transported to a whole other place. Imagine your ideal, intimate yet still mega concert venue. For me, that involves a huge indoor arena with amazing bass-loving speakers. Then add in Bassnectar on the stage and a healthy dose of light effects and you’ve got yourself “Paging Stereophonic.” This song has the uncanny ability to put you in a concert for 1 and leaves you wanting nothing else in life. For those of you that are more comfortable on that hideous plaid couch enjoying your bass lines than in a giant concert hall in a private concert, “Paging Stereophonic” is still for you. They throw in a little bit of soul that is reminiscent of the early rap artists (like Will Smith) of the 90′s. So don’t fret, you’ll still get your Will Smith and plaid couch and I’ll still get my epic concert, lights and all. It’s ironic actually, I guess you could say that the song truly is  successful in providing a dual musical experience (For those of you who don’t know, Stereophonic = stereo sound = awesomeness and duality). Overall, “Paging Stereophonic” satisfies all of our odd little needs as listeners and still provides a unique twist of beats and vocals to provide a totally awesome song experience for everyone who listens.