Track Recap – J.WAIL “Colorphorms”

J.WAIL always does it with pure unique style and Colorphorms is just that.


Colorphorms bombards you with a wild and funky beat that you find yourself  bobbing your head right along to – and that’s before the first minute is even over! From there the funkiness just gets better and better. A one of a kind mix of electronic sounds gives you an experience that transports you into a world of chaos and emotion that leaves you wishing you had a tall drink of water to wash down the excitement bubbling up deep within you. When I heard this song start, I immediately thought of artists like Savoy and Mimosa and then was pleasently surprised when the song lost it’s electronic training wheels and really took off. Don’t even get me started on the vibes…all that comes to my mind when I hear Colorphorms is that I feel like the room around me is swaying and giving in to the energy of the universe. The build up at the beginning of the song is reminiscient of the typical electronic style and the name Colorphorms is fitting because as you listen you can almost imagine the beats representing a million different colors swirling together and telling you the story of the song. Midway through, there’s a slight relief (for the older crowd) that gives you a chance to catch up and process what is being done to your psyche. One thing is for sure, the digital sounds, funky vibes, unique pacing and dash of guitar riffs sprinkled throughout, meld together to give you one out of this world, mind warping experience that leaves you wanting more.  Grab your FREE Exclusive  download of Colorphorms  by J.WAIL here and experience the ride.


Written By : Gina Aldrete