Street Team

Join The Bridging The Music Street Team!


You love live music right?! Well, now is your chance to help us bridge the music between the artists and their audience by directly linking them together through promo material of all sorts and sizes! This is a great opportunity to get involved with Bridging The Music Productions and the events that we host all over, both locally and nationally. We are looking for outgoing people who’s veins run wild with a passion for music. An example of someone perfect for this position would be a happy, optimistic person who is not afraid to get out there, network and spread the word about upcoming events. We know how important our street team is to the success of our events, so we would never forget to compensate you for your time, energy and much appreciated efforts to spread the love of music.Bridging The Music Street Team perks include: free entry to live music shows, free Bridging The Music merchandise, opportunity to make a huge difference in this growing music community and much more!!

If you just love music and want to spread the word, or if you are looking for  a way to get involved even more with Bridging The Music, this is your perfect chance to do just that! Contact us now! We look forward to hearing from you.


To join our efforts, send your inquiry to