SnowBALLING… (out of control)

Weekend checklist: food, skis, tickets, layers, layers, layers…check.

Alas, the ball is finally here. Heavy on the accelerator and battling whiteout conditions over Vail pass early Friday afternoon, we pushed our way on through the storm with warm breezes and steel drums on the mind. Our weekend would kick off with some warm weather disco from Tropicool in the Heat Hut. Early weekday afternoon meant we had the place mainly to ourselves and with some heaters like Get Down On It mixed into a tropical paradise, thankfully there was plenty of room to boogie down.

Next stop on the Friday tour would take us over to a quick dose of Colorado’s own Elephant Revival to regroup before heading over to the wobble wobble womp of the Groove Tent. Strings, minimal bass, musicians singing their own music…what were these guys doing here? Blurring the lines of specific genres, the indie quintet dubs their music as ‘transcendental folk’ and brought with them to the stage an energy and passion that set the bar for all acts to follow.

As E.R. finished up their set we wandered over to the Groove Tent to listen to some of the crunkiest crunk on display all weekend, MartyParty was just getting fired up. Stage presence. If I even tried to think about repeating his moves, his drops, his jumping up and down, his punches, his overall epileptic convulsing on stage, I think I would pass out. Or at least lose five pounds per show. Throwing down a number of his new tracks off of Six Shots of Jameson, Martin’s Party put a certain amount of swagger in the air. There were some trends developing that would be pretty consistent throughout the weekend that really characterized each tent and their music-goers. The Groove Tent was proving to be a location dominated by neon, early twenties, and some really gangster Transformers brawling inside.

Post Party and pre-dinner it was back to the main stage for a brief Major Lazer interlude before calling it an early night due to hunger levels and sub zero

…Stay tuned for the rest of the weekend!



Article By: Jake Warner