SnowBALLING… (out of control) pt. 3

Fin du Fun.

Waking up to refreshingly sunny and beautiful day in Vail Valley, I stepped into the skis and headed out for a couple early morning hours of alpine fun, even finding a couple leftover powder stashes from the previous week’s dump. Or, “dump,” I should say. It’s been a pretty sad winter when six or seven inches is considered a powder day. Needless to say however, a day up in the hills beats a day down here anytime, and bluebird at that…I’ll take it.

Though rumors of a Michal Menert appearance had been circulating all weekend, the special guest turned out to be Leftover Salmon, slammin’ Sunday’s sun warmed main stage. Again, stringed instruments were a welcomed relief from the festival’s bassfaced general public. Having formed in Boulder in 1989, one can safely say that these might be the stomping grounds for Colorado’s premier ‘Polyethnic Cajun Slamgrass’(as they like to call it), act. The boys picked and plucked the afternoon away with screaming solos coming from both Emmit and Pikelny.

The Salmon finished up around 5 and the race was on for the rest of the evening. Boombox to Plastic Plates to Motet to Beats Antique.

I think Boombox felt they needed to throw down a little extra bass, being situated in the womp tent and all, but their characteristic interplay and live improvisation exceeded all expectations. Unfortunately due to schedule overlaps it was soon time to move back to the Heat Hut and catch some of Felix Xaiver’s Plastic Plates.

Disco ain’t dead baby!

The Sydney-born producer and DJ has been slaying clubs around the country and Snowball was no exception to the fact. Heavy house hits and disco drums ran throughout the tent and left all with a feeling of genuine retro-satisfaction.

A twenty minute wait in the Gyro line left us with only about half an hour to split between the Motet and Beats Antique but heeding this sense of urgency we were able to catch a couple songs from each. Funky soul fun from the Motet and distorted drums from B.A. would be the close of our weekend as we decided to fold on the wormhole of womp that would be the main stage area and Bassnectar’s grand finale.

All in all, thanks and good work to Avon for hosting the party. Such a wide variety of artists, electronica, festie folk and fun all wrapped up in one big package. Next year maybe we can keep the temperatures above 20 degrees. Is that too much to ask?


Article By: Jake Warner