SnowBALLING… (out of control) pt. 2

Round 2.

Saturday blew in with some scattered snow showers, a high of 27°, and after a couple hours of battling the crowds and temperatures at BC it was time to pack up the ski gear and head back to town. With pulled pork on the mind, I walked into the condo to find a heaping portion slopped on a bun and a nitro milk stout waiting with my name on it. Saturday is good. Refueled and ready to start our second day of fun in the snow we bundled up and headed back over to the festival just in time to catch Break Science in the Groove Tent.

The Brooklyn based duo, coming off the recent release of their second EP entitled Monolith Code, took the stage with a sense of renewed energy and passion some seriously heavy hitting beats. The entire tent dropped with each of Deitch’s kicks and was taken on a long and winding lyrical journey by veteran MC Chali 2na for the duration of their set. Come Come with the Bass Drum. On the way out of the tent we caught up with The Head and The Heart for about half hour or so before it was time for some warmer clothes and a dinner intermission.

Hat. Puffy. Boots. Gloves. Ghosts?

Stumbling back out into the cold, the thermometer read seven degrees and even with the bourbon blanket on, the breeze was bone chilling. Certainly worth braving for a little Ghostland and Saturday’s SNOOP headliner, however. As expected the tent was overflowing with all walks of life, dancing up a storm with the intent of conjuring up any extra heat possible. Frontman Aaron Behrens worked himself and the front half of the venue into a rock and womp and rolling frenzy as Turner built each track up to a raging climax, leaving very few disappointed. Occasionally Behren picked up his guitar and settled into a tip-toeing trance groove while Turner took on synth after synth again building, building, and building, before bringing the crowd to their knees with a massive grinding bass drop.


Finally, around nine or so it was time to go check out the big boss dogg, along with every other white, mountain kid who used to listen to rap in high school… And just as he did then, Snoop KILLED it. Family man? Loving father of three? I guess that’s the claim but bitches, blunts, money, and hoes, still rule the stage when the Dogg’s on.

…Stay tuned. Still more to come!!


Article By: Jake Warner