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In order to be confirmed… Please read the show description below FULLY and know that by submitting this form, you agree that you have read and understand the show details, rules and guidelines to their entirety and you hereby agree to them if chosen to be confirmed for a slot. . .

Tickets will not be shipped until we send you a follow up email confirming your scheduled time slot.

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Hello and thanks for your interest in performing at the Bridging The Music Providence Local Band Showcase!

Please go over all the info below and note that by submitting this form, you are acknowledging that you understand all the details for the event and accept the charges for shipping and handling your tickets. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WHATSOEVER.

Venue: Fete
Location: 103 Dike St. PROVIDENCE, RI 02909

Load in and check in with BTM rep: 5:30 pm (please have money for tickets sold and any tickets you havent sold at check in)
Doors: 6:30 pm
Ticket Price: $10 advance, $10 Door

Tickets will not be shipped until we send you a follow up email confirming your scheduled time slot.

Our event is aimed toward community and local music

→All bands get promotion of your band name through “Bridging The Music” advertising, social media and promotional outlets.

Great News! You can make money being a part of this event! Your fans and friends can now get a ticket to see your show in advance so they don’t have to wait until night of show to buy one. Plus for your band it guarantees that they will dedicate time to come see you perform and support you the night of the show.

ticket sales and what we pay you:
$1 per ticket sold (1st 10 tickets) and $2 per tickets 11-50 sold, $3 per ticket after 50 sold, $4 after 75, $5 after 100. At 100 paid tickets payout is $265, and at 200 paid tickets payout is $665.

If you are running low on tickets let us know with as much advance notice as possible and we can mail you more.

Everyone’s goal at this time should be to bring out as many people to the show as possible so you can make the most money possible!

It’s vital that all acts draw at least 25-50 people to this event and you should aim to get around 50+ people to see your performance.

1.Post the event link on friends’, fans’ and your own Facebook Walls.
2.Email the link to any mailing lists that you might have and spread the word via word of mouth or feel free to create your own facebook event.
3. Making handbills and flyers always goes a long way.
4.Most importantly talk it up and promote so your band can have a successful night. Bring out those dedicated fans and you can make some awesome cash!

On the night of the performance Artist/Band will meet up with the BTM rep and give the rep money for all the tickets you sold at $10 per ticket. Please make sure to have all tickets and money organized before you get to the venue. You will then get paid your cash from tickets sold at that time from the BTM rep.

We aim to help your band grow with our event so we are able to offer special discounts for services to help your band grow which include:

$60 HD VIDEO for your full set (1 camera), $110 2 camera shoot (gives multiple angles and texture)
$35 Professional Photo’s of your band on stage (We take a ton and give your top 10)
$25 MP3 or WAV file of the audio for your performance

Please let us know at least 4 days before the show, if you want these services.


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Sound Check: Each band will have 15 minutes between acts to set time to set up and do a line check. Please make sure you end on time–our judges notice bands that play over their time.

Set Times:Each band will be allowed 30 minutes per set, once again, please do not go over. Thanks!

Your band will be held fully responsible for the monetary value of these tickets and not having them tickets or money for the tickets at settlement time is means for disqualification of your time slot and performance and a charge up to $10 per ticket on your credit card. Simply put, don’t lose your tickets.

Radius Clause: It is not permitted for the band to play any other concert event within 30 miles of the venue in the 10 days preceding the confirmed Bridging The Music date or you are subject to the cancellation fee..

Your tickets will be printed by Bridging The Music and shipped to the address you provide us during sign up. You will provide Bridging The Music with $6.50 for shipping, handling and printing of your tickets to be paid via credit or debit card.

If your band cancels or doesn’t show up there is a $50 cancellation fee that will be applied to your credit or debit card. If you are late for check in, your set could be subject to cancellation and a $50 fee imposed. If you have agreed to a ticket minimum, any cancellation would be subject to the $50 cancellation fee plus the amount of the ticket minimum which was agreed to.

Thanks so much once again for sharing your talent with all of us!!