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Portland, OR


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Hello and thank you for your interest in performing at the OR Solo Artist Awards, presented by Bridging the Music!

Please go over all the info below and note that by submitting this form, you are acknowledging that you understand all the details for the event and accept the charges for shipping and handling your tickets. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WHATSOEVER.

Venue: Hawthorne Theatre Lounge
location: 1507 SE 39th Ave, Portland, OR 97214
Website: http://www.hawthornetheatre.com/

Load in and check in with BTM rep: see confirmation email (please have money for tickets sold and any tickets you have not sold at check in) At this time there will be a MEET & GREET for all the artists. The Artists will meet at the bar of the venue where they will have the opportunity to meet all the other local performers.

21+ Only
Ticket Price: $10 advance & $15 day of show

If you are running low on tickets let us know with as much advance notice as possible and we can mail you more.

We also have an online ticket sales option, where fans will purchase tickets for a specific artist, and those tickets will count towards your total tickets sold as well!

On the night of the performance Artist/Band will meet up with the BTM rep and give the rep money for all the tickets you sold at $10 per ticket. Please make sure to have all tickets and money organized before you get to the venue. You will then get paid your cash from tickets sold at that time from the BTM rep. The rep will also ask you a few questions about your band as it is our goal to learn about all the bands and performers we work with.

We aim to help your band grow with our event so we are able to offer special discounts for services to help your band grow which include:

$60 HD VIDEO for your full set (1 camera), $110 2 camera shoot (gives multiple angles and texture)
$35 Professional Photo’s of your band on stage (We take a ton and give your top 10)
$25 MP3 or WAV file of the audio for your performance
$150 FULL PACKAGE SPECIAL! 2 Camera HD Video shoot + Photos + AUDIO

Please let us know with as much notice as possible if you want these services.



**Bridging The Music Facebook FanPage link :: https://www.facebook.com/BridgingTheMusic

**Bridging The Music Twitter:: http://www.twitter.com/bridginthemusic

**Load in/Sound Check :: Check in at the Bridging The Music table at the check in time on your confirmation email or provided by our booking agent. Each band will have 15 minutes before their scheduled set time to set up and sound check. Please make sure you end on time!

**Set Times:Each band will be allowed 30 minutes per set, once again, please do not go over. Thanks!

Your band will be held fully responsible for the monetary value of these tickets and not having the tickets or money for the tickets at settlement time is means for disqualification of your time slot and performance and a charge up to $10 per ticket on your credit card. Simply put, don’t lose your tickets.

Radius Clause: It is not permitted for the band to play any other concert event within 30 miles of Portland, OR in the 10 days preceding the confirmed Bridging The Music date.

Your tickets will be printed by Bridging The Music and shipped to the address you provide us during sign up.

If your band cancels or doesn’t show up there is a $50 cancellation fee that will be applied to your credit or debit card. If you are late for check in, your set could be subject to cancellation and a $50 fee imposed. If you have agreed to a ticket minimum, any cancellation would be subject to the $50 cancellation fee plus the amount of the ticket minimum which was agreed to.

There is no fee what so ever if you don’t sell a certain amount of the 50 tickets, but your outcome on ticket sales and musical performance will determine if we are able to book you for future shows and if we are able to give you an increase in pay for the future. In other words make it a goal to sell all 50 tickets, or at least give it 100% effort!

Your outcome on ticket sales and musical performance will determine if we are able to book you for future shows and if we are able to give you an increase in pay for the future. In other words make it a goal to sell all 50+ tickets, or at least give it 100% effort!

If you live outside the city limits of where the event is taking place then you will be required to have a reasonable amount of ticket sales guaranteed. Please understand, the event needs to be sustainable.

Thanks so much once again for sharing your talent with all of us and GOOD LUCK!!!