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Social media and marketing are key factors in a musician or bands growth. It’s important that musicians and bands market their music the correct way and that they are consistent with their online and social media promotions. In a recent survey, we found that most bands and musicians are simply too busy in the studio, booking, practicing and playing shows and they don’t have time to promote themselves. We also hear often that it’s difficult to promote your own music. Whether you do it yourself or hire professionals its vital that you have well rounded social media to expand your fanbase and spread your sounds. Our Bridging The Music team of professionals would be honored to help you with your music and we will absolutely take pride in making progress for you while helping you achieve your goals!

We are now offering FREE CONSULTATIONS with a Bridging The Music Social Media & Marketing Management Specialist. We are happy to discuss your music and your goals and get you in right the direction of accomplishing them!

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We offer Musician Friendly rates for our Marketing, Publicity and Social Media Services.

These focused & customized Packages are designed for promoting shows, tours, EP or Song Releases, Music Videos, etc.

3 hour package for $225 ($75 per hour)
10 hour package for $500 ($50 per hour)
25 hour package for $1000 ($40 per hour)
50 hour package for $1795 ($36 per hour)
100 hour package for $2999 ($30 per hour)

Monthly Social Media Management: We will do 3-5 posts per week per account and work to increase your fans/reach genuinely by engaging people targeted towards your music. We can customize your promotions geared toward releases, upcoming shows and by engaging people who would genuinely be interested in your music. We will keep an updated spreadsheet where you can see all the work we do and see your continued growth.

Monthly Social Management Prices:

2 Social Media accounts $350 per month total
3 Social Media accounts $450 per month
4 Social Media accounts $550 per month
5 Social Media accounts $650 per month
add $100 per additional account

*All packages include FREE setup of social media page if needed.

*Packages do not include advertising budget. We recommend at the very least $100 per month for Boosted posts and ads per social media platform.

*Pay for a year and receive a 10% discount*