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There are TWO events in Austin, which you can be considered to perform at, based on the type of music you play. In order to be confirmed… Please read the show description(s) below FULLY and know that by submitting this form, you agree that you have read and understand the show details, rules and guidelines to their entirety and you hereby agree to them (either one) if chosen to be confirmed for a slot. . . You also understand that Bridging The Music has the right to decide which event your project would fit best on and confirm you for that event.

Tickets will not be shipped until we send you a follow up email confirming your scheduled time slot.

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Hello and thanks for your interest in performing at INDIEcent Exposure, Presented by Bridging The Music!

Please go over all the info below and note that by submitting this form, you are acknowledging that you understand all the details for the event and accept the charges for shipping and handling your tickets. If you are not chosen to perform, the $6.50 will be refunded back to you. We will let you know our decision within 7 days.

Tickets will not be shipped until we send you a follow up email confirming your scheduled time slot.

INDIEcent Exposure
Hello and thanks for being a part of the Bridging The Music’s “INDIEcent Exposure”

Event Name: INDIEcent Exposure
Venue: Red Eyed Fly / Austin, TX
Doors : 7 pm

what we pay you:
30% of ticket sales after 10*
40% of ticket sales after 10, if more than 75 ticket sales*
50% of ticket sales after 10, if 50 or more sold.*
*Based on polled door (we ask everyone which act they are there to see), online pre-sales and physical pre-sale tickets.

If you are running low on tickets let us know with as much advance notice as possible and we can mail you more.


**Bridging The Music Facebook FanPage ::

**Load in/Sound Check :: All bands need to be at the venue at 6:30 pm to check in with the Bridging The Music rep. Each band will have 15 minutes before their scheduled set time to set up and sound check.

Your band will be held fully responsible for the monetary value of these tickets at the cost of $10 each. In other words, Do NOT lose your tickets.

Your tickets will be printed by Bridging The Music and shipped to the address you provide us during booking.

A cancellation will result in a $50 fee that will be processed on your credit/debit card.

Thanks so much once again for sharing your talent with all of us and GOOD LUCK!!!

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