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Registration: Bridging The Music Event

Please go over all the info below. By submitting this form, you agree that you have fully read, understand and agree to the terms listed below.

Venue: Multiple Venues / Reach out to Bridging The Music booking agent to inquire!

Great News! You can make money being a part of this event. Talk to your Booking Agent to discuss the terms of this event. You will receive a separate ticket pay rate agreement with the details.

We aim to help you grow with our event so we are able to offer special discounts for services to help your music project grow which include:

$100+ HD VIDEO for your full set (1 camera), $185+ 2 camera shoot (gives multiple angles and texture)

$35+ Professional Photos

$30+ MP3 or WAV file of the audio for your performance. Multitrack is available for additional cost.

$500+ We can create a full Music Video (ask your Booking Agent for a quote)

$100+ Social Media BOOSTER: Get Extra Marketing and Promo and increase awareness of your music with PAID ADS from Bridging The Music social media sources. Our “Show Package” Includes
-Boosted FaceBook Post with your bands music
-Instagram Post with Paid Advertising
-Instagram Story
-Twitter Post with Promoted Tweet
-Prime Billing on Promo Material


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Instagram @bridgingthemusic

Important Show Rules and Guidelines:

Radius Clause: It is not permitted for you to play any other concert event within 30 miles of the venue in the 10 days preceding the confirmed Bridging The Music date or you are subject to the cancellation fee, unless your BTM booking agent gives you approval.

If your band cancels or doesn’t show up there is a $50 cancellation fee that will be applied to your credit or debit card. If you have agreed to a ticket minimum, any cancellation would be subject to the $50 cancellation fee plus the amount of the ticket minimum which was agreed to.

Thanks and we can’t wait to see you on stage!

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