Artist/Vendor Registration


Product Description

We are looking forward to showcasing your art at our upcoming event!

The way it works is you bring your own supplies and set up a table or easel somewhere in the venue and paint in front of a live audience.

Create or paint whatever you feel inspired to! Feel free to bring previous artwork to sell as well- all profits go directly to you.

We ask that all artists donate at least $50 to be able set up your art, as it is expensive for us to rent the venue and pay for the event. We give artists 5 free tickets which retail for $15 that they can sell or give to friends. If you would like to sell additional tickets we will give you 50% of the profit from ticket sales. Additional contributions will also allow us to get a better headliner for the event and draw in a bigger crowd, which means more exposure for you as an artist. An additional fee of $5 will be included on all orders to cover printing and shipping costs of the tickets.

Once the registration form is submitted we will send you a confirmation email and ship tickets for the event.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing your artwork!!

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