Artist/Vendor Registration


Product Description

We are looking forward to showcasing your art at our upcoming event!

The way it works is you bring your own supplies and set up a table or easel somewhere in the venue and paint in front of a live audience.

Create or paint whatever you feel inspired to! Feel free to bring previous artwork to sell as well- all profits go directly to you.

******You must talk to our event producer before registering******

Once contract is signed & the registration form is submitted we will send you a confirmation email and ship tickets for the event.

If Artist/Vendor cancels at anytime preceding 30 days of the event, they are fully liable for a $50 cancellation fee and 50% of their ticket agreement/contract with Bridging The Music.

If Artist/Vendor cancels 30 days or less from the event date, or doesn’t show up for the event, they are liable for 100% of the ticket agreement/contract to Bridging The Music. The fees owed will be applied to the debit or credit card used to register. Bridging The Music has the right to charge your card upon cancellation.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing your artwork!!