Future Simple Project!? Twerk it Up?!

Who says Monday nights can’t rage? On Monday, June 2, Bridging the Music brings “Future Simple Project” to Cervantes’ Other Side for its 1st Monday monthly Melt Your Face Monday. Headlining the show, “FSP” is a mixture of natural vibes of life with torn up bass wobbles taking the listener on a spectacular journey through their sound. Rounding out the bill is the funky mash up’s of Sammy Marz, the glitch thump sounds of Strait Flexin, and live electronica from Earth Like Twins. Cervantes’ will be filled with sounds from terrific brightness to deep juicy 808’s, opening up the floor to whatever devious dance moves may shake the night.

This Melt Your Face Monday brings a group of musicians dedicated to establishing a bond between music and listener. The transforming bass of FSP, the mashup mastery of Sammy Marz and the live jams of ELT, invite the crowd to become a part of performance.


“The biggest goal of music, is to have fun and be silly,” said Sammy Marz, “if the crowd is having fun and being silly I have done a good job. Sometimes it takes 15 to 20 minutes to find what strikes a note with everybody,” he continued. “All of our music is all live and we use mostly original synth patches, and the live drums,” said ELT who, when playing live uses looping on computers to create a jam the audience can feel with them.

“We just try to have a idea of a journey in mind and then work with the dance floor based on how its going,” said Mikey of Future Simple Project. “Raja and I will communicate what style of music we kinda want to perform, but we never have planned a set.” In their live performances FSP uses dual computers as well as 4 midi controllers to shape their sound around the crowd and blistering visuals.
In recent years there has been a drive for bass driven jam music, combining synthesized noise, plucked strings, and live drums to create a complete musical entourage. Where is this new music going to go?
“I don’t know I’m kind of curious about that as well.” Nick from ELT said, “It seems like the direction of going with a live band is popular with DJs these days but we still prefer the duo so its kinda hard to say.” There are many questions about how the live and computer generated worlds of music will collide but the bass seems to be the common denominator. Many new sounds are emerging from computers and synthesizers but when asked about what sound he liked best Nick from ELT said “Rhodes in combination with wobble bass.”
FSP calls their music improvised although they are using computer and button mashing. there are many people who deny it as an art but Mikey seemed pretty confident that his special button mashing skills are indeed a beautiful art. “They can call it music or not, seems to me if you break it down any choreographed sound could be considered music, received, felt and interpreted. When we perform together we have probably thousands of options between songs/clips/edits/samples etc.”

FSP, ELT and Sammy Marz had some final comments on the recent twerk movement that has flooded dancefloors recently:

Can you and do you make people twerk?

Future Simple Project – “HAHAH, I do love when our culture twerks out, shit sometimes I’ll twerk up on people all in the name of good fun.”

Earth Like Twins – “Awwwww hell ya.”

Sammy Marz – “I have never seen someone seriously twerking at a show of mine but I fully encourage it in the ladies!”

This coming Melt Your Face Monday brings with it a herd of eclectic musicians ready to make the house melt. Music starts at 8 pm. For tickets click here:



article courtesy Andy Erickson