Here’s the DEAL…

Here’s the DEAL…

The New Deal * December 28,2011

Theatre Of Living Arts * Philadelphia PA




When you hear that one of your favorite bands has announced their final tour and is planning to go their separate ways, it’s always a more than a little disappointing.  After a solid twelve years of tearing up stages across the world, The New Deal made a decision early in 2011 that this year would mark the end their fantastic career as a live bass/electronica trio.  With Dan Kurtz on bass, Jamie Shields on keys, and Darren Shearer on drums, the Deal has kept themselves on the forefront of the livetronica scene with their uncanny abilities of rapid improvisation and there has always been a certain unspoken structure and groove to which the three impeccably adhere.  All this being said, hey guys…any chance you want to give us a couple more years?  My feet aren’t ready to stop their stomping yet.


Now despite the all of the holiday chaos of planes, trains and such, there’s also something to be said for heavily discounted air travel:  it can get you from Boston to Philly for $40.  Thank you Southwest.  When I found out that TND was going to drop into the Theatre of Living Arts for a last minute dance party on December 28th en route to NYC for New Years, the decision had already been made.  With Southwest’s helping hand, I was happily standing in the Philly airport an hour and ten minutes later.  Another hour and I was ¾ a cheesesteak deep and in line at TLA, Sonic Spank’s bass creeping out the door every time someone entered the venue.  With a max occupancy of 1,000, and maybe only 7-800 of that accounted for, we were in for an intimate treat and TND was determined to serve up nothing but the best.


The first tones of the show were a rhythmic barrage of saws ripping out from Jamie’s synths.  Seconds later Darren’s classic white running shoes had the high hats running for their lives as Dan’s bass began welling up into a familiar groove.  DEAL with this.  Quickly transforming themselves into a floating trance, the saws gave way to a softer side of the band, complete with bells and a whirling organ and, as if we were unsure of what we had signed up for, some typical Darren banter came over the mike in the form of, “ILLADELPHIA!  ILLADELPHIA! LET’S GET DIRTY Y’ALL!”  Done and done.



Article By: Jake Warner