Cervantes’ deals up a double dose of fun with the Ragbirds and Elliot Lipp.

There aren’t many music establishments which house two venues, but then Cervantes’ doesn’t quite fall into the category of your typical concert experience. Cocktails are served in pint glasses, art and glass is sold along the right wall, there is a twelve foot disco ball looming above the dance floor, and there’s a certain aroma particular to this ballroom, all of which to me sounds like the recipe for a great night. Cervantes’ served up a double-header on Saturday with the Ragbirds and Rooster McCabe headlining the Other Side, while members of the Glitch Mob and Elliot Lipp threw down in the Ballroom.

After cancelling their show in Nederland the previous night due to Ragbirds’ front woman Erin Zindle’s bout with bronchitis, the Michigan based group came out ablaze at the Other Side. Pausing here and there to take a sip of water and a hit from her inhaler, Zindle carried the band through the night, belting out lyrics, tearing into fiddle solos or picking up a hand drum for one of their rhythmic instrumentals. As the evening progressed, the crowd grew as well with curious heads awaiting Elliot Lipp coming through to the Other Side; with the place almost packed, the performance kicked into high gear. The group is coming off the release of their fourth studio album, Travelin’ Machine, and will be performing nearly twenty dates throughout the Midwest by the end of March.

As the Ragbirds left the stage a number of people, ourselves included, funneled back into the Ballroom as the main acts were nearing their allotted schedule. Lipp came out on fire, as usual, and with a live drummer, as he did last time he graced Cervantes’, and proved again why he is still one of the best in his realm. The crowd had been warming up for a couple hours at this point and from our spot on the balcony one could both see and feel the excitement brewing during Lipp’s first few tracks. Heavy with the drum kicks and light on the hi-hats, the entire venue locked into the groove, captivated by his complex rhythms. The final chapter of the night was heavy hitting Nasty Ways, Boreta and EPROM’s new side project of the Glitch Mob. The guys started out with a bunch of classic Glitch tracks before moving towards their newly created solo work, where the place really started to shake. At this point I was sensing the influx and chaos related with a Panic after party. We decided to make haste and leave the glitch to all those who wanted it. I would imagine a half stepping, gear grinding, chainsaw toting robot was somewhere near the stage.




Article By: Jake Warner