Bridging The Music Presents Nationwide miniFEST’s

Bridging The Music presents our 2019-2020 lineup so far for miniFEST’s across the nation! Our miniFEST’s are a great opportunity for up and coming artists and musicians to shine on stage and network. Our events are a curated festival style lineup geared towards music, visual art and community. We are constantly working hard to throw these events and will be announcing even more shortly.

You can buy tickets and view details about each event under the buy tickets heading on our website, once you hover your mouse over buy tickets a dropdown will appear listing all the cities, hover your mouse over the city you are interested in then the different events will appear, click the event to see the details of the event, scroll down to the act you are coming to see dropdown, select the performer you are coming to see, select quantity of tickets, click add to cart, checkout.

List of upcoming events:

-NYC Holiday miniFEST (11/20/19) @ Gold Sounds, Brooklyn,NY
-Orlando Winter miniFEST (12/4/19) @ The Social, Orlando,FL
-Colorado Winter miniFEST (12/18/19) @ Cervantes’ The Otherside, Denver,CO
-Winter Milwaukee (12/27/19) @ Miramar Theatre, Milwaukee,WI
-Chicago Winter miniFEST (1/7/20) @ Martyrs’, Chicago, IL
-Miami miniFEST (1/9/20) @ Purdy Lounge, Miami, FL
-Nashville miniFEST (1/15/20) @ 3rd and Lindsey, Nashville,TN
-Memphis miniFEST (1/18/20) @ Hi-Tone, Memphis,TN
-NYC Winter miniFEST (1/23/20) @ Bowery Electric New York,NY
-LA miniFEST (1/25/20) @ Silverlake Lounge, Los Angeles,CA
-Austin miniFEST (1/28/20) @ Vulcan Gas Co., Austin,TX
-Dallas miniFEST (1/29/20) @ Deep Ellum Art Co., Dallas,TX
-Bay Area miniFEST (1/30/20) @ 7th West, Oakland, CA
-Manhattan miniFEST (2/5/20) @ Bowery Electric, NY, NY
-Denver miniFEST & Colorado Solo Artists Awards Finals (2/13/20) @ Herman’s Hideaway, Denver, CO
-San Diego miniFEST (2/19/20) @ Brick x Brick, San Diego, CA