Almost Time to Bloom

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Join the hike up the mountains to Colorado’s own Sonic Bloom this year in South Park, CO June 19-22, 2014. Bellowing bass, energized people, and a giant foaming tub of Dr. Brauners can be found in the unique environment that will be created at this year’s festival. Even the trees will be dancing to music coming from artists like Tipper, Shpongle, EOTO, and a very long list of others who will join together for this staple Colorado festival. Sonic Bloom has in previous years been held in Georgetown, Colorado but for its eighth year has moved to the seclusion of the high alpine town of South Park, CO. Balancing out the music is a healthy dose of meditation, yoga, and special guest speakers such as Adam Apollo, Alaya Love, and Android Jones. A small city is formed through the use of art installations and architectural oddities like The Oasis and Giant Dr. Brauners Foam Bathtub, and the Lotus Temple. Come frolic at Sonic Bloom this year and get your musical medication. Tickets are available at